Basically,I’m a writer – this is rather not who I am than what I do – not for living just for fun. neither a programmer nor hacker – never been and never will. my place is be tween two worlds – the legal world and the underworld. I’m the one who fights hackers and fight with hackers, but not against hackers. I defeat protections not to crack applications, but to find the weakness, fix it and design a better protection. the point is – I don’t make money with it. I do not sell stuff, thus there is no reason to hide it under the mat. I like to describe my ideas and findings to share my knowledge with people. I published a dozen books and hundreds articles. it’s all about hacking, code optimization, data recovery – just a few to say and I’m going to say more in a few days. please, wait.


  • over 15 years of reverse engineering experience;
  • over 10 years of data recovery (HDD/CD/DVD) experience;
  • fast malware reversing and security patches analysis;
  • dev. detectors for unknown attacks, rootkits and viruses;

Professional Experience:

  • 2008 till now:
    • working for Endeavor Security Inc as a reverser;
  • 1998-2008:
    • working for A-LIST, BHV, Piter-Press, Solon-R and other media as a writer/journalist;
    • – working for a lot of security and data-recovery companies as an independent consulanat;
  • 1993-1997:
    • having my own company, recovering damaged/erased data and restoring infected files and disks, protecting disks and software to prevent any unauthorizing actions;

published a dozen books about system programming. some of them were translated to English, Chinese, Polish and other languages (English titles follow bellow).
published more than 300 articles in Russian magazines (and most of them are filled up with new ideas or my own researches);

  • Hacker Debugging Uncovered (ISBN-10: 1931769400)
  • Hacker Disassembling Uncovered: Second Edition, totally rewritten (ISBN-10: 1931769648);
  • Hacker Debugging Uncovered (ISBN-10: 1931769400);
  • Shellcoder’s Programming Uncovered (ISBN-10: 193176946X);
  • CD Cracking Uncovered: Protection Against Unsanctioned CD Copying (ISBN-10: 1931769338);
  • Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD (ISBN-10: 1931769567);
  • Code Optimization: Effective Memory Usage (ISBN-10: 1931769249);