San-Francisco – the place to meet

…in a few hours I’ll fly to Moscow to meet USA’ consul for an interview and giving them my fingerprint. if everything will be fine (a dream that’s coming true) I will fly to San Francisco on Feb-4 till Feb-9. I would be happy to meet you guys there! my cell phone is: +7 (918) 268-37-76. buzz me or send SMS.

San-Francisco is an amazing, beautiful and kinky city! never been there, but why knows, maybe it will be my second home. an atomic opportunities to change my life. it’s a nuclear bomb. a real one, earthshaking everything that surround me and all. it’s not about the job or big salary, it’s all about the most interesting people to work with there, doing right things. the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ok, like my favorite movie hero says: just wait and see.



  1. Good luck in your flight!

  2. What’re the “right things” you hope to do out there? :-)

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