# how many forum members does it take to summon the evil who turns out to be a very sexy girl?

there is a well-known joke. “how many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?“. it’s funny, but it’s true. I would say the very true. instead of answer a question, people usually just piss off the topic starter.

what happened to me is: reading the article about San-Francisco, I met the ad, offering me to sell my soul for a fair price, just dial 1-800-666-EVIL. interesting… is it real?! well, I sold my soul twice (yep, do you think devils use computers? hell, no! everything they have is goose-quill and sheepskin! imagine, how large their database should be, and how long it takes to find out that they bought something that they have already paid for. ups, gays, if you read all this, please don’t be pissed of, nothing personal, business is business).

well, 1-800 is not toll-free for me (however, it’s quite cheap), so the first thing I did was… yeah, googling! after all it was just curiosity. ops! looks like it’s a popular question and people flood forums trying to find out the answer, but 99% replies were far from it. like, oh, come on, there is no Satan — the son of God, it’s just a phone. I do know it’s a phone, and it’s served not by Satan himself of course, but… what’s all about?! I wonder… I wonder…

eventually, I just dialed 8P101-800-666-3845, a woman with angel’ voice warned me that it’s not a toll-free number and I will be charged for an international call… beep-beep… and wow! it’s not Satan’s phone, it’s BDSM-sex pay phone, accepting VISA and Master-Card. $1 per minute. but it’s worth what it costs, especially if you’re tired of vanilla life.

well, if you’re going to San-Francisco… don’t forget your soul on a way back, because my soul is there.

dial it now or never!

dial it now or never!

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  1. most likely, the number having 666 is not important to the company operating the line, but was chosen by uncyclopedia for that reason :)

    p.s. kris: a while ago, i was told of ida/sice training you give for eng/ru speakers. do you have time to email/chat? if so, how can i email you?

  2. забавно развлекается наш любимый крыся)
    не продать душу так ….))))

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