# truth is out there…

going to South Africa to Sense-Post firm, I spend every free second on youtube.com watching SA flicks. just want to know more about the place.

and what’s interesting… there are so many different points of view. one clips show us real heavens – nice weather, friendly people, wild nature, very beautiful landscape, unique culture. other clips show us… dirt, blood, violence, racism – a very dangerous place where you could be killed, rapped or rubbed every second.

the question is – where is the truth? do you want to be scared? well, see this:Child Prostitution – South Africa and now, see, this:South Africa Video Blog (Part 1) and this: South Africa Video Blog (Part 2)

well, “Child Prostitution” is Journeyman Pictures stuff. they see dirt everywhere. I don’t buy it and prefer to trust the personal blog. it’s real impression of the real girl. I will tell you my own impression when I return from South Africa. just need to get a visa and it’s going to be a problem. the hotel where I’m planning to stay located in a restricted area (according to the embassy) and they want to see original of the invitation letter like scans are not good enough. um, never mind, I hope we can handle it (we – me and Sense Post).


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