# Hill of Spring => Unity In Diversity

! שָׁלוֹם I mean goeie dag from Tel-Aviv!

what’s a wonderful place! I feel like I traveled another planet, or returned from the future, where architecture is absolute different from everything I have ever seen before, not speaking how amazing shore line is, the line’s occupied by endless hotels scratching the sky and bursting my mind with nuclear bomb of exploding creativeness. I shot a few photos and started to upload some of them on my photo-blog: http://zen-way.org

outside Israel some people believe that there is a war and Tel-Aviv is not safe for traveling. bullshit! just a few girls with guns and… soft-ice. could you believe? girls who love soft-ice more than OllyDbg?! wow! they ever more sexy than girls with guns. I asked to touch a gunpoint or at least kiss her but was sent out. well, except for that people are very friendly. whether is just fine, men are incredible smart – it was a pleasure for me to share my ideas with them (I learned many new things at the same time :-). dozens security firms are interested by my work – means a lot of job – no way to be unemployed there and no way to starve. food is natural, cheap and unbelievable delicious. what’s else one could whish for?

it was my second but definitely not the last visit to Israel. I like Israel with all my heart. too much so positive feelings. too many so good and so smart people there. it’s just incredible. it can’t be, but it’s real. it’s a dream, or maybe a dream came true? I don’t know, but I’m 100% sure that Israel is the best place of Earth to live and work. um, I have not seen other countries yet (Malaysia is an exception). well, going to fly to South Africa, Johannesburg Area on Feb-19 to lecture RE course (the syllabus is not available yet) to Sense-Post company – we met at the last HITB 2008 conference and were exchanging tons of mail for a while. Sense Post is very creative company crafted with experienced people who definitely know what they are doing and what for.



  1. Damned! I wonna to Israel :)

  2. I think it’s too much too say it’s the best place to live on earth, when you have only visited a couple of countries… I think you seriously need to travel more and open your eyes.. :-p

  3. Nice photoes, but too few..I can’t feel that the country was at war not long ago, so peacefull.

  4. As Ta0n said … You need to travail more. Maybe you will change your opinion this summer ;)….. Inchallah

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