Archive for June, 2009

# a bomb from McAfee (a nasty one)

accidentally McAfee sent me a file-bomb and now I need to backup my NTFS volume, reformat it, and copy data back to recover internal NTFS structures. shit happens! will write more latter, stay tuned.


# badly kept garden

nezumi-lab was deserted and tumbling into ruins. abandoned. felling into disusing. like a dead track. what I was doing with my life? what I’m doing with it now? where am I? as always – in the middle of something very important that keeps me alive, makes me busy, adsorbs days and nights. no free time. hell existence called life. where am I? what’s happening to me? what is this pain I feel? why does it hurt? something definitely wrong with me, but who cares? I’m moving forward, madding maybe the biggest mistake in my life trying to find a way to heaven.