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# back to civilization

my trip (see: “I’m on my way to South Africa“) is over, time to wind into the bushes of my den and dive into reversing work. where am I? what’s happening to me? everything’s so cold, everything’s so dark, what is this pain I feel? why does it hurt? please no, let me die!!! brick stones. four walls. a dozen computers. five monitors. three telescopes. my native workplace raped by gothc music: BlutEngel, Sirenia, LAme-Immortelle… but why I feel kind of a great depression? my den… it’s not just stuff, it’s a part of me, it’s me by myself. so, why I’m unhappy? I live in the best place ever (see photos), I have everything I want: computers, kang (see Chinese dictionary), fast Internet connection, a good job – this is not what I do, this is what I am, but why the best place does not make me happy anymore. well, it does, but there are better places! they are different, exotic and very-very attractive.

should I compare my den with the Capital of the South AfricaPretoria – city where I was tripping for two weeks? guess, better do not. basically, Pretoria is a big village. clear air, a lot of tress, very friendly people, who hail you even we never met before. most of them are white. and they look good. but black people look better. they are just amazing! especially girls. I met a girl from Zimbabwe. if she were not married I would offer her my heart.

blacks and whites. what’s a contrast!!! friendly people and barbed wire up and down with “armed response” banners (means: we shoot you first, and ask who you’re – the second). interesting. yeah. there are a lot of problems there. but, you know, guys, South Africa is my second favorite place. the first is Israel. South Africa is too European. Israel is very special. kind of ethereal energetic is there. I can feel it (meanwhile, I’m religious neutral).

Right now I’m working for McAfee. it’s remote job and there are a lot of problems. I’m tired of my den, tired of loneliness. this is the reason why I started to offer Reverse Engineering Course to everybody. I’m just enjoying being with clever men, smart teams.

What’s about South Africa? oh, you would not believe me. there is a very special and unique firm called Sense Post, focused on pen-testing, consulting, training, etc. this is the smartest team I ever met in my life. they’re bright and creative. dress-code is a bull-shit. the only civil man there was my fried from Iran. the rest wear whatever they want. wow!!! this is what I call a freedom. ideal place to grow and generate new ideas, speaking of which I found a new way of immunizing applications and servers against remote attacks. the question is how to find a buyer :=)

had I a worker visa I would move to South Africa or Israel years ago. USA just an option. it’s something, oh! USA! a lot of job, thousands security firms, but… the question is the same: no visa means nothing. like anyone is going to give me a visa to fly to USA. that’s funny. the states does not want me to enter. fine! “highly skilled foreign professional may also be considered for permanent Resident StatusMalaysia Deputy Prime Minister had said

anyway, I’ve returned enriched by new ideas (will describe them soon, follow the news) and, you know, I’m very happy. for the short time I crossed four seasons – flied out of winter to summer, met autumn there and returned to spring. awesome! thanks for Jacqui, Haroon, Nicholasand the rest of Sense Post team! I was really happy to share my knowledge with them and I learned a lot from them as well!!! old ppl say: “you are not great just because you say you are” and Sense Post guys do not say they’re great. they’re just great. in silence.

Endeavor Security (now Endeavor System – the part of McAfee empire) was like the heaven for me. Christopher Jordan (the CEO) and Barnaby Page (Senior Vice President) are my friends. there’re very friendly, open-mind, wise and clever and technical. not bureaucratic. nobody plays political games. it was good. but now… Endeavor is a part of McAfee, things are changing and I just don’t know what to expect for. Alone in the dark. over and over. the endless story. oh… a lot of thing to do. and when you have a lot to do, start with a meal!

South Africa, Zebra Hotel

South Africa, Zebra Hotel